Gooroovster vNext

Over the next few weeks I'll hopefully have time to update Gooroovster.

Things I'd like to get in the next update:

  • Fix annoying bugs.
  • Auto sync data, allow user to set sync interval.
  • Downloading tracks for offline listening.
  • Auto caching for art, allowing user to set expiration options and control when art is cached, i.e. all the time, only wifi, etc.
  • Swipe album cover to change track like the built in player.
  • Track preview list on now playing page like the build in player.
  • Fix the way tracks are organized.
  • Give user the option to not sort by 'The' and 'A'
  • Allow user to edit track info and update Google Play.
  • Add scrobbling and other social media stuff, i.e. FB/Twitter.
  • Allow user to create playlist on the phone.

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